Offerings Material | Sonia Farmer| 2014 | 4.5” x 3” | Limited Edition of 400


Featured in the interactive installation “Making Waves”, part of the 2014 Transforming Spaces art tour at the Doongalik Studios art gallery, these chapbooks contain a single poem in the voice of the infamous female pirate, Anne Bonny, as she reflects upon gender, desire & sexuality at her trial.

Bound into the letterpress printed cover is a fold out of the poem printed on one side of a page and a hand-marbled ocean pattern into the other.

Contributing Writers

Sonia Farmer is the founder of Poinciana Paper Press. A writer who uses the crafts of book binding, letterpress printing, hand papermaking and printmaking, Sonia’s work is intimately tied to the Caribbean landscape and identity. Often her work engages with contemporary Bahamian society through the lens of history and mythology, specifically in the realms of feminism and the tourism industry. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout Nassau including at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Doongalik Studios, The Hub, & the Central Bank Art Gallery. Her poetry has won the 2011 Prize in the Small Axe Literary Competition and has appeared in tongues of the ocean, The Caribbean Writer, Poui, the WomanSpeak Journal, and Moko Magazine. She holds a BFA in Writing from Pratt institute.

Featured Excerpt


…do not   forget us   sirs

how can you


how can you   forget

the thing   you once possessed


it stil   exists   out there

without you


a beloved   blinking

horizon light


you can’t   approach it

it   marks a graveyard


ask us   how we know

ask us   what we have buried


to love   in the way we did

piratically   feloniously …



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