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a dynamic space for artists and writers to explore
storytelling in their creative practice

Poinciana Paper Press is creative space that reimagines the way we tell, share and read stories through its published books, paper products, artist projects, and programming. At the heart of its studio dwell the vintage crafts of letterpress, book arts and handmade paper, which drive the creative and educational missions of the press. Motivated by collaborative energy and a multi-disciplinary spirit, Poinciana Paper Press provides a dynamic space for artists and writers to explore storytelling in their creative practice.

Founded in 2009 by Sonia Farmer as an independent small press producing handmade and limited-edition chapbooks of Bahamian literature, Poinciana Paper Press remained a nomadic venture until 2011 when it landed in Nassau, The Bahamas, and began to broaden its scope. It now offers an array of published books, paper products, workshops, and collaborative opportunities.

Visit us at #22 Shirley Park Avenue by contacting Sonia Farmer at sonia@poincianapaperpress.com

The Crew

  • Sonia Farmer
    Sonia FarmerFounder

    The founder of Poinciana Paper Press. A writer who uses the crafts of book binding, letterpress printing, hand papermaking and printmaking, Sonia’s work is intimately tied to the Caribbean landscape and identity. Often her work engages with contemporary Bahamian society through the lens of history and mythology, specifically in the realms of feminism and the tourism industry. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout Nassau including at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Doongalik Studios, The Hub, & the Central Bank Art Gallery. Her poetry has won the 2011 Prize in the Small Axe Literary Competition and has appeared in tongues of the ocean, The Caribbean Writer, Poui, the WomanSpeak Journal, and Moko Magazine. She holds a BFA in Writing from Pratt institute.

our studio space

Poinciana Paper Press is the proud caretaker of the Chandler & Price Press, Nolan Proofing Press, and vast type archive of the historic Craftsman Press, operated in the mid-1900s by former Member of Bahamian Parliament Oscar N. Johnson Sr. In addition to letterpress facilities, Poinciana Paper Press has collected an array of bookbinding tools, equipment, and materials for limited edition chapbook runs and specialized book art projects. The excited new owner of a 1lb Valley beater and small hydraulic press, Poinciana Paper Press also looks forward to expanding its studios to include hand papermaking.”