Vintage Prints

A Gateway into Bahamian History

Poinciana Paper Press is the proud caretaker of the vast type archive of the historic Craftsman Press, operated in the mid-1900s by former Member of Bahamian Parliament Oscar N. Johnson Sr. Along with dozens of typecases filled with wood and lead fonts, The Craftsman Press held a collection of special ornaments and blocks custom made for beloved Nassau institutions now lost to time. Restored to their former glory and printed onto Rives BFK, these blocks offer a slice of vintage Nassau charm and a gateway into Bahamian history.

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Selected Works

The Nassau Shop

The Nassau Shop was a beloved large general store at the center of bustling Bay Street in the City of Nassau

The Nassau Magazine

The Nassau Magazine was used as promotional marketing material by The Ministry of Tourism for several decades during the last century

The Emerald Beach Hotel

Opened in 1954, The Emerald Beach Hotel was the first fully air-conditioned hotel in Nassau.

The Cat & Fiddle

The Cat & Fiddle was a famous nightclub in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Map Of Nassau

This vintage map of the city of Nassau, The Bahamas, circa 1959

The Pilot House Club

The Pilot House Club was a small hotel accommodation in Nassau, The Bahamas, founded by Bobby Symonette in the 1950s.

Blackbeard’s Tavern

Situated on the southern side of Bay Street, Blackbeard’s Tavern was a popular Nassuvian nightclub in the 1950s and 60s.